A solitaire engagement ring offers unparalleled elegance and easy-to-wear simplicity, which make it an enduring favourite. Our showcase of unique solitaire engagement rings includes the ever-popular sculpted 4-claw and ‘Wave’ engagement rings, alongside our signature hand-forged and hand-carved designs. Our solitaire engagement rings can be made with diamonds or coloured gemstones and in white, rose yellow gold or platinum. All of our contemporary engagement rings can be commissioned and adapted to accommodate your tastes and budget.

Rose gold 4-claw diamond solitaire engagement ring


This sculpted 4-claw engagement ring is our take on the classic diamond solitaire engagement ring and continues to be one of our most popular designs. Our unique solitaire engagement ring has a softly sculpted form, which sets it apart from more traditional solitaires. Seen here in rose gold with white diamond it can be made in white, rose and yellow gold or platinum and with a variety of stone shapes and colours. Current combinations in our collection include the 4-claw platinum and white diamond solitaire engagement ring and rose gold and cognac diamond solitaire ring.

Platinum 'Wave' diamond solitaire engagement ring with curved band


Inspired by the form of a breaking wave, the ‘Wave’ diamond solitaire engagement ring envelops a central stone in a swirl of precious metal. A fluid curve of brushed platinum bar curves around the finger and forms a partly open setting for the diamond. Out of all our engagement rings the Wave engagement ring is our most sought-after. This contemporary diamond solitaire engagement ring can be worn with a matching fitted wedding band. This follows the curve of the engagement ring and the two bands fit perfectly next to each other. Diamonds can be set around all or half of the fitted wedding ring if desired.

Rose gold and emerald solitaire engagement ring


Our sculpted 4-claw engagement ring takes on a different character depending on the shape and colour of the stone used. We have made this design with a selection of white and coloured diamonds and other gemstones. This emerald cut solitaire engagement ring is a customer commission. The remarkable contrast of brilliant emerald green against soft brushed rose gold works beautifully, as does the combination of an angular emerald cut stone with the gentle sculpted curves of the ring.

Modern rose gold solitaire engagement ring with oval cognac diamond


modern rose gold four-claw engagement ring, set with an oval cognac diamond. This sleek, sculpted ring is our version of the classic solitaire engagement ring. Gently curved and sculpted claws bring a fresh, modern feel to a classic design. The oval cognac diamond set across the finger adds a contemporary twist. A brushed satin finish compliments the curved form and enhances the warm colour of rose gold. This modern solitaire engagement ring can be made with round, oval or cushion cut stones and is also popular with coloured diamonds or other gemstones.

Platinum and pear white diamond solitaire engagement ring on hand


A delicately hand-forged twist of platinum wraps around a pear white diamond to form an open bezel setting for the stone. This simple and elegant pear diamond solitaire engagement ring can be made using gemstones of different sizes and proportions. The Twist ring can be worn on it’s own or with a matching hand-forged fitted wedding band. The fitted band is hand forged to match the curve of the engagement ring and can be half or fully set with pave diamonds.  

Carved gold and yellow diamond solitaire engagement ring on hand


From our Arris ring series comes this unique yellow diamond solitaire engagement ring. Made from 18-carat yellow gold, the ring is brushed to a soft satin finish, which emphasises it's sculptural curves. A similar platinum and marquise diamond solitaire engagement ring can be seen in our collection.

S-curve platinum and diamond solitaire engagement ringS-CURVE SOLITAIRE ENGAGEMENT RING

This gently curved solitaire engagement ring has a distinctive S shaped band. The ring tapers elegantly on either side of the diamond. With strong, pure lines this solitaire engagement ring has a modern, contemporary feel. It looks beautiful in a variety of metal and stone combinations. It is shown above in platinum and white diamond and is also available from our collection in rose gold and cognac diamond. The S-Curve ring can be worn with a matching fitted wedding band, which can be half or fully set with pave diamonds.

Commission a bespoke solitaire engagement ring


Every McCaul engagement ring is individually hand crafted and our designs can be made in your choice of metal and gemstone. For more inspiration visit our journal to see some of our recent commissions. If you have seen a ring in this showcase or elsewhere on our site and would like to talk through options please feel free to drop into our shop or contact us online. We are happy to help and will work closely with you throughout the commissioning process to create your engagement ring.


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