Contemporary Handmade Fine Jewellery

Unique and modern engagement rings, handmade in our London workshop. Designed to last a lifetime.

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Our wedding ring collection presents a wide range of design possibilities. We can create a wedding ring to reflect your own personal tastes, with a variety of metal colours, finishes and textures to choose from.

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Arris: A series of hand-carved statement cocktail and engagement rings.

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Recent commissions

Sigma yellow gold Arris ring with pave white diamonds
Sigma yellow gold Arris ring with pave white diamonds

The Sigma ring heralds a new development for our hand-carved Arris rings. This unique yellow gold and diamond cocktail ring features an S-shaped swirl of 18-carat gold accentuated by a line of pavé white diamonds. Made with a generous amount…

In pursuit of fluidity and balance, we create contemporary fine jewellery which celebrates the purity of minimalist forms whilst complimenting the contours of the body.

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Contemporary fine Jewellery

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Contemporary engagement ring with rose gold and cognac diamond