Browse our fine jewellery showcases for inspiration. Each gallery is a curated selection of jewellery from our collection and customer commissions to show the possibilities for design. Explore ladies’ engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings, sapphire, cognac diamond and coloured stone engagement rings, as well as commitment rings and wedding bands for men and women, including fitted wedding bands and alternative or unusual wedding rings.

engagement rings with

Cognac diamonds

Cognac diamonds make a beautiful choice for an engagement ring and our cognac diamond engagement rings are among our most sought-after styles. With a wide variety of shades available, from delicately coloured stones with just the merest hint of colour through to deep rich brown, cognac diamonds offer a wonderful way to add personality to a ring.

Cognac Diamond Engagement Ring Showcase
4 claw Cognac diamond and 18ct rose gold engagement ring
Wave white diamond and platinum engagement ring

Contemporary and unique

Modern engagement rings

Our contemporary engagement ring collection is refined, and modern, with designs which appeal to a broad range of tastes.

All of our  engagement rings can be commissioned and adapted to accommodate your tastes and budget.

Modern Engagement Ring showcase

Wedding and engagement rings


A single ring to act as engagement and wedding ring in one is a popular modern choice.

All-in-One Wedding and Engagement Ring Showcase
Wrapover ruby and platinum all in one engagement and wedding ring
4 claw emerald cut emerald engagement ring gold


Coloured gemstones offer a palate of vivid colours and are increasingly popular for engagement rings. Choosing a coloured gemstone for your engagement ring opens up an array of options and is a wonderful way to add individuality to a ring. 

Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ring Showcase

Unique and modern

Men's wedding bands

Our collection of men’s wedding rings offers many possibilities; from men’s hammered wedding bandsmobiuscarved and bi-metal rings to bespoke men’s wedding rings. 

Men's Wedding Ring Showcase
Carved dune mens and ladies wedding rings gold and platinum
Stack of hammered gold and platinum mens and ladies wedding rings

every one unique

Hammered wedding bands

The raw texture of our hammered wedding rings gives them a sense of being natural, organic objects. Hammered wedding bands have a soft matt lustre, which is sympathetic to skin tones and makes them one of our most sought after designs. 

Hammered Wedding Ring Showcase

Diamond set

Wedding bands

Combining a diamond wedding band with your engagement ring can add a sense of lightness to the set. Our collection includes fine thread-like diamond wedding bands as well as more dramatic and unusual diamond wedding bands, forged or carved from precious metal. 

Diamond Wedding Ring Showcase
Twist white diamond and platinum engagement ring with fitted pave set white diamond wedding ring
Wave cognac diamond rose gold engagement ring and fitted pave set cognac diamond wedding ring

custom made

Fitted wedding bands

We make bespoke fitted wedding bands to fit your engagement ring. These can be accentuated with diamonds, hammering, or engraving. 

Fitted Wedding Ring Showcase

Hand carved rings


Our hand-carved Arris rings combine vibrant coloured gems and diamonds with generous amounts of 18 carat gold or platinum. Each of these sculptural and substantial rings is one-of-a-kind; a unique design created to suit a particular gemstone. 

Arris Hand Carved Ring Showcase
Arris emerald cut white diamond platinum engagement ring
Twist cabochon paraiba tourmaline and rose gold engagement ring


Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline’s distinctive neon blue-green colour makes it a beautiful choice for an engagement ring. Its remarkable colouring and rarity mean that Paraiba is highly prized and extremely valuable.

Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring Showcase


Ladies wedding rings

Our unique collection of ladies wedding bands ranges from strong and substantial forged gold wedding rings to delicate diamond-set wedding bands. Clean lines and pure curves characterise our signature style.

Unique Ladies Wedding Ring Showcase
Overlap castelle set white diamond and platinum engagement ring


Diamond Engagement Rings

Combining pure, elegant forms with exquisite gemstones, these modern diamond engagement rings are a selection of recent commissions and favourites from our collection.

Modern Diamond Engagement Ring Showcase

Vivid colour

Sapphire Engagement rings

Vivid, saturated colour and exceptional durability make sapphire an ideal stone for engagement rings. For inspiration browse this selection of sapphire engagement rings from our collection and commissions.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Showcase

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Browse our showcase to see some of the possibilities; from rose gold engagement rings with cognac diamonds and coloured gemstones, to modern, unique and unusual rose gold engagement rings.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Showcase

Unusual Engagement rings

Rings with brightly coloured gemstones, asymmetric engagement rings, two-stone engagement rings, engagement rings with open bands and unusual shapes.

Unusual Engagement Ring Showcase

Contemporary engagement rings

Our Contemporary Engagement Ring Collection Is Refined, And Modern, With Designs Which Appeal To A Broad Range Of Tastes. Each Of Our Contemporary Engagement Rings Is Designed And Finely Hand Crafted In Our London Workshop.

Contemporary Engagement Ring Showcase

Solitaire Engagement rings

A solitaire engagement ring offers unparalleled elegance and easy-to-wear simplicity, which make it an enduring favourite. Our showcase of unique solitaire engagement rings includes the ever-popular sculpted 4-claw and ‘wave’ engagement rings, alongside our signature hand-forged and hand-carved designs.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Showcase
4 claw oval cognac, ruby and yellow diamond gold engagement rings
Carved engraved gold mens wedding ring

Alternative wedding rings

Wedding rings can be as distinctive and unique as you choose. This showcase brings together some of the alternative wedding rings from our collection.

Alternative Wedding Ring Showcase


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