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Curated Diamonds

Create your own truly bespoke ring, by beginning with a truly bespoke diamond. We have a curated selection of one of a kind diamonds, available to use as a starting point for a completely bespoke ring. Purchase any of our curated diamonds to start the process of creating your own unique piece of jewellery. We will work with you to create the perfect ring, or you might choose to propose with a diamond, and then work with us as a couple to create the ring together.



Fancy grey diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, and, as with all coloured diamonds, their unique colours are as a result of chemical impurities within the stone itself or as a result of the unique structure of that diamond’s crystal lattice.  In the case of fancy grey diamonds, it is the presence of hydrogen or boron within the stone that gives them their colour. The grey colour varies in intensity and is graded on a scale from faint grey through to fancy dark grey. The darkest stones have smouldering, deep graphite tones.

Colour is the determining factor in the value of fancy colour diamonds. Stones with an attractive colour will command a higher price. Also, similar to traditional white diamonds, clarity is also highly desirable and fancy grey diamonds are graded on the same clarity scale as traditional white diamonds, from I (included) to F (flawless).  The highest quality grey diamonds have only the most minute inclusions.

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Kite shaped


One of the most recent additions to our collection is a series of rings designed with kite shaped diamond. The Aegis collection, meaning protection, is represented as a shield in classical art and mythology and seemed like the perfect name for our new collection of kite shaped stones.

Their angular shape allows for truly show stopping designs.

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Champagne Coloured


'Champagne' and 'cognac' refer to brown diamonds with a shade of colour comparable to their namesake.

Champagne diamonds are very pale with a hint of brown or yellow. Cognac is the term given to darker shades and their tones can range in intensity. These naturally occurring coloured diamonds are termed ‘fancy coloured’, a group which also includes yellow, blue, green, pink, orange and grey diamonds to name a few. 

They have all the qualities that diamonds are prized for – durability and brilliance – as well as individual character given by the subtleties of their colour.

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Salt and Pepper


Another category of grey diamonds is ‘Salt and Pepper’ grey diamonds, which offer a distinctive alternative to white diamonds. These diamonds contain many black and white inclusions (the ‘salt and pepper’) that give them their grey colour. Salt and pepper grey diamonds are highly individual stones, with a unique beauty and ‘personality’ created by the pattern of marks within each stone.  Inclusions are impurities or irregularities in the crystal structure and may be visible as small black and white pinpoints, needles, clouds, or feather-like patterns within the stone. These inclusions reduce the  clarity of the diamond and some salt and pepper grey diamonds can be so included that they are completely opaque. 

The salt and pepper grey diamonds we specially source are incredibly beautiful, and every stone is completely unique.

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Fancy Coloured


The term ‘fancy coloured’ in relation to diamonds is a group which include yellow, blue, green, pink, orange and grey diamonds to name a few. 

Addin a touch of colour to your engagement ring can really bring it to life and make your ring as unique as you.

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