Pink sapphire earring commission

Forged by hand, this swirling pair of drop earrings combines vivid pink sapphire with cool white gold and white diamonds to striking effect. The pink sapphire drop earrings were commissioned by a client who was inspired by the hand-forged yellow gold and pave white diamond earrings below from our collection.

Forged 18 Carat Gold and Pave Diamond Earrings

To create the earrings we hand-forged white gold bar to taper and form it into a sweeping s-shaped curve. At one end the metal forks into two. One tip curls around to hold a pink sapphire in an open bezel setting, while the other tapers into a delicate flick and is pave set with a line of white diamonds.

It's always interesting to see where commissions will take us - looking at our designs through someone else's eyes in this way can often spark new ideas and lead us in new directions.

If you are interested in commissioning a pair of earrings visit our bespoke page to learn about the process or contact us to discuss ideas. You can see more hand-forged earrings in our collection, or visit our journal to see recent commissions.