Bespoke sapphire and diamond pendant

This stunning platinum and sapphire pendant is set with a 13.11 carat sapphire and seven white diamonds. The contrast between the vivid blue sapphire and cool white of the platinum and diamonds makes the stone seem even more colourful. The sapphire is held in place by five sharply pointed claws. Above it, clusters of bezel-set diamonds are scattered on either side. The bespoke pendant was commissioned by a client and is one-of-a-kind.

sapphire pendant during the design phase

The sapphire was the starting point for the design. We worked with our client to create a pendant design that would compliment the stone and display it to it’s best advantage. The cornflower-blue sapphire is such a remarkable gem that we decided on a delicate pointed claw setting to display as much of the stone as possible. Adding a scattering of white diamonds in a range of sizes and an irregular configuration adds a sense of playfulness to the design.

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Sapphire and diamond pendant