White gold and diamond earrings

The latest addition to our earring collection is this pair of hand-forged white gold and diamond drop earrings. The lightweight, branching earrings are forged from white gold and pave set with a line of tapering white diamonds. The earrings curve inward to follow and flatter the curves of the face.

These drop earrings are a design that David has been refining for some time and are the basis for a new collection. Below you can see some of the initial sketches to work out form and proportions.

Branch earring sketches

When the final design was reached work began in metal. White gold bar was gradually hand forged to taper the metal.

white gold and diamond earrings

The earrings mirror each other with a taper and flick outward that gives a playful sense of lightness and movement.

Hand forged white gold and diamond branch earrings

The hand-forged white gold and drop earrings are now available to buy from our collection online. If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke pair of earrings visit our bespoke page to learn about the process or contact us to find our more.