Tanzanite pendant commission

Pear shaped tanzanite and white gold pendant commission

An incredible 12 carat tanzanite gemstone was the basis for this Twist pendant commission. Our customer asked us to create an elegant pendant to compliment the large pear-shaped gemstone, and the finished tanzanite pendant has just been collected.

The beautiful deep purple-blue tanzanite is suspended from a white gold snake chain. A slim, curving line of 18 carat white gold curves and wraps around the stone to form an open bezel.

The images below show the pendant secured on the setting vice during the setting process.

white gold and tanzanite pendant being set

Tanzanite pendant on the setters vice ready to be set

The clean, minimal lines of this tanzanite pendant keep attention on the stone and emphasise the intensity of it's colour.

12 carat tanzanite and forged white gold pendant