Paraiba tourmaline and platinum Wave engagement ring

Paraiba tourmaline and platinum 'Wave' engagement ring

This paraiba tourmaline and platinum Wave engagement ring is a recently finished commission. Paraiba tourmaline is without a doubt one of our favourite stones to work with. It's intense, almost neon, Pacific-blue colour makes it quite unlike any other stone. We sourced a particularly pretty stone for this commission, with electric blue colour and brilliant sparkle.

The Wave engagement ring is one of our signature designs and is named for the way the gold sweeps around the stone in a wave to form an open bezel. The platinum brushed satin finish emphasises the curves of the Wave ring and gives a sense of softness to the metal.

One of our most sought after engagement ring designs, the Wave ring is also popular as a dress ring. The Wave ring can be made using stones in a wide variety of colours and proportions. We have made it with oval, round and pear diamonds and gemstones, in all shades colour. It can also be worn with matching fitted wedding and eternity rings. The Tanzanite and white diamond Wave ring set below was a previous commission.

Tanzanite and white gold engagement ring with matching fitted diamond bands

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