Forged Paraiba tourmaline Twist engagement ring

This beautiful Paraiba tourmaline Twist engagement ring was a recent commission. The pear shaped stone is set in our 'Twist' ring; a curved, open ended style which twists around the finger and tapers to a gentle point.

The stone is a beautiful sea-green 0.93 carat Paraiba tourmaline which was sourced from Germany for our customer.

We make our Twist rings individually and adjust the proportions of the design to suit each gemstone. The ring was hand forged from square platinum bar to create the gently tapered, curved band and a bezel was made to fit the stone.

Hand forged Paraiba tourmaline in progress

Here you can see the band being soldered to the bezel:

After this the ring was finished and polished ready for setting. The ring is secured in a setting vice and embedded into setter's cement to hold it firmly in place and protect it from damage:

Hand forged paraiba ring held in setter's vice

Forged paraiba ring held in setting vice

We love working with brightly coloured gems like this - the fantastic contrast between vivid blue/green paraiba tourmaline and polished platinum makes this a really special piece.

Paraiba tourmaline twist engagement ring on hand

Twist paraiba tourmaline and platinum engagement ring