Carved yellow gold ring set with sea-glass and pave white diamonds

Carve ring set with green seaglass and pave-set white diamonds
This bespoke carved yellow gold ring, set with sea-glass and pave white diamonds, has a very personal story to it. It was made for David’s wife Jessica, who has been a fan of the Carve rings for quite some time. During a family holiday last year their 3-year-old daughter Cora spent most of the time scouring the water's edge for brightly coloured pieces of glass. Cora loved the beautiful colours and smooth sea-worn shapes. It was a ritual each day to go hunting for sea-glass treasure. You can see Cora holding her hoard for the day below. Jessica was also so taken by the colours and shapes that it gave David the idea to set a piece of this into a Carve ring for her.

Cora holding sea-glass

Pieces of green and white sea-glass

Years of being tumbled in the ocean had smoothed off sharp edges and left the glass with a cloudy matt surface. David polished the surface lightly with diamond abrasive to reveal the beautiful jewel-like colour of the glass, while keeping it's lovely organic shape.

Using the shape of the sea-glass as inspiration, David sketched designs for the bespoke cocktail ring and then began to carve the ring in wax. When finished, the hand-carved wax model was cast into 18 carat yellow gold.

Setting a material like glass is a very delicate job. Glass is relatively soft and brittle compared to most gemstones, so a small slip or applying too much pressure when setting can easily shatter it. Fortunately the glass proved robust enough and David was able to set it successfully. A line of pave-set white diamonds was added along one edge as Jessica loves a bit of bling!

18 carat gold ring being set with sea glass and diamonds

The finished ring can be seen below in 360 degrees. It was finished just in time for Mother's Day and presented to Jessica by a very proud three-year-old!

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