Arris is a series of hand-carved statement cocktail and engagement rings. Each piece is created with generous amounts of 18ct gold or platinum with a soft satin and highly polished surface finish. Every one completely unique, individually designed to house a one-of-a-kind gemstone.

The form of the ring is created by carving directly into wax which is then cast into precious metal, this is an ancient technique which has been used in metal working for over 5000 years. The gemstones used in the Arris collection are specially selected for their vibrant colour and unusual faceting. Organically shaped, these hand-carved rings echo the undulating curves of natural forms and compliment the contours of the body when worn. Asymmetric yet balanced these sculptural pieces range from show-stopping statement pieces to everyday day rings for alternative engagement and wedding band options.

Each unapologetically extravagant, a luxurious treasure.

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