Something a little out of the ordinary…

Something a little out of the ordinary…
January 17, 2014 b

Matching rose gold his and her's wedding bands

His & hers “Loop” wedding rings:

Recently we were asked to make a mens’ wedding ring to match our Gold Loop Ring, which his wife had chosen for her own ring. The Loop Ring is one of our favourite designs, over the years we’ve made it with various metals, shapes and stones so this was a design challenge we were happy to take on! It is a simple, elegant shape and easily worn everyday, which makes it an ideal choice for a distinctive and out-of-the-ordinary wedding band.

18 Carat Rose Gold Ring

We took the original gold Loop ring, which is very feminine and curvaceous, and explored ways of adapting the design to create a larger ring more suited to a man’s hand.

Men's rose gold bespoke alternative wedding band

The man’s version was made from square profile gold bar, and echoes the shape of the original ring however with one side brought tog