Wedding rings for men


Our collection of men’s wedding rings offers many possibilities; from men’s hammered wedding bands, mobiuscarved and bi-metal rings to bespoke men’s wedding rings. We can create a wedding ring to reflect your own personal tastes, with a variety of metal colours, finishes and textures to choose from. A man’s wedding band is one of the simplest forms of jewellery but perhaps the one that will hold the most significance for him. For some it may be the first and only item of jewellery they will ever wear. Below is a selection of the men’s wedding bands available in our collection. If you’re looking for something a little different visit our bespoke page to read about commissioning a unique men’s wedding band.



Dune wedding rings are new to our collection. Hand carved, these textured men’s wedding rings are sculpted in wax before being cast into precious metal. The Dune men’s wedding rings see here are made from 18-carat yellow gold (left) and 18-carat white gold (right). The rings have been brushed to a soft satin-matt finish, which accentuates the undulating surface curves around the ring. The ridges have been brightly burnished to highlight the rippling textures.