Solitaire engagement rings


A solitaire engagement ring offers unparalleled elegance and easy-to-wear simplicity, which make it an enduring favourite. Our showcase of unique solitaire engagement rings includes the ever-popular sculpted 4-claw and ‘Wave’ engagement rings, alongside our signature hand-forged and hand-carved designs. Our solitaire engagement rings can be made with diamonds or coloured gemstones and in white, rose yellow gold or platinum. All of our contemporary engagement rings can be commissioned and adapted to accommodate your tastes and budget.


This sculpted 4-claw engagement ring is our take on the classic diamond solitaire engagement ring and continues to be one of our most popular designs. Our unique solitaire engagement ring has a softly sculpted form, which sets it apart from more traditional solitaires. Seen here in rose gold with white diamond it can be made in white, rose and yellow gold or platinum and with a variety of stone shapes and colours. Current combinations in our collection include the 4-claw platinum and white diamond solitaire engagement ring and rose gold and cognac diamond solitaire ring.