Fitted wedding bands


If your wedding ring is curved, organic or asymmetric in shape you will need a fitted wedding band, which will sit neatly against it. We can make fitted wedding rings for any of the engagement rings in our collection. If you need a fitted wedding band for an existing engagement ring we can make a bespoke ring to match. Any of our designs can be adjusted and made in your preferred combination of gold, platinum and gemstone. Please contact us to discuss options or commission a fitted wedding ring.


This platinum fitted wedding band is hand forged and fitted to match our Twist engagement ring. The Twist fitted wedding ring is a simple tapered twist of platinum, which interlocks to follow the curve of the engagement ring. You can choose to have the fitted band half or fully set with diamonds (as shown here) or left plain. The Twist engagement ring and fitted wedding band set is one of our signature designs. It looks beautiful made in yellow, white, rose gold or platinum and can be set with white or coloured diamonds or other gemstones. Each of our Twist rings is individually forged by hand. See more Twist rings and fitted wedding rings on our blog.


A curved platinum fitted wedding band set with diamonds, designed to match our Wave engagement ring. One of our most sought after designs, the Wave ring envelops a central stone in a swirl of precious metal and is complimented by the fitted band. We’ve made this set in yellow, white, rose gold and platinum as well as a wide range of coloured stones. Each combination has worked beautifully and has shown us a new aspect to one of our favourite designs. The fitted wedding band can be set with diamonds around half or all of the band, or can simply be left plain if desired.


Our Twist ring is shown once more, this time as a rose gold and cognac diamond engagement ring and fitted wedding ring. Rose gold paired with cognac diamonds is one of our favourite combinations; it’s gentle warmth compliments many skin tones. View the Twist rose gold fitted wedding ring in our collection.