Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings


Coloured gemstones offer a palate of vivid colours and are increasingly popular for engagement rings. Choosing a coloured gemstone for your engagement ring opens up an array of options and is a wonderful way to add individuality to a ring. As engagement rings are worn every day the durability of a stone should be considered. Fortunately some of the most vibrantly coloured stones are also the most durable. Cornflower-blue or pink sapphires, spinel, which can be found in deep blues and vivid pink or red, and coloured diamonds, which range from pale champagne to deep cognac brown or fancy yellow, pink or blue are all very durable gemstones and are ideal for engagement rings. Below is a selection of coloured gemstone engagement rings from our collection and previous customer commissions. All of our designs can be made to order in your choice of metal and gemstone.


This rose gold engagement ring is set with a bright green emerald. Emeralds are a popular stone for engagement rings because of their distinctive vivid green colour. The combination of rose gold and emeralds works particularly well, the warm tones of rose gold are particularly well-suited to coloured stones. The ring is a variation on our four-claw engagement ring, which works beautifully with round or emerald-cut gems.