Rose gold Arris ring with oval pink spinel and pink diamonds - MT

Rose gold Arris ring with oval pink spinel and two pink diamonds

Pretty in pink. Our latest Arris ring is this 18-carat rose gold ring set with an oval pink spinel and two pink diamonds. The soft pink hues of the gemstones are enhanced by the warm colour of rose gold. Carved by hand and gently curved, the pink-themed ring has delicate proportions that make it equally suited to wear as an engagement ring or a dress ring.

Rose gold Arris ring with oval pink spinel and pink diamonds

Part of our Arris ring series, the hand-carved rose gold and pink spinel ring is one-of-a-kind and was created for this gemstone. Its curved asymmetric design echoes and compliments the oval stone. The spinel is set at a slight angle across the finger and surrounded by a wide oval bezel. Two pink diamonds gypsy set in the bezel add a little sparkle.

Spinel is not so well-known of as rubies or sapphires, but has equally desirable properties and is highly sought after by gem connoisseurs and collectors. Rarer than rubies and with a similar hardness and brilliance, spinel is found in colours from deep reds and intense pinks through to purple and blue. Its hardness makes spinel makes an ideal gemstone for an engagement ring. Spinel is one of our favourite coloured gemstones to work with as it comes in such a wide array of vivid colours.


This ring is available to buy from our collection. Shop online or visit our London store to try on this unique pink spinel, diamond and rose gold ring. Our collection of Arris rings is constantly evolving as we add new pieces. To find out how to commission an Arris ring get in touch or visit our London store to view the collection.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of jewellery, visit our bespoke page to learn about the process or get in touch for a chat. We are always happy to explore new ideas and work with clients throughout the world. More of our bespoke jewellery and unique Arris rings can be seen in our journal, or shop our collection online.



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