As bespoke goldsmiths and diamond setters with a wealth of experience we are well-equipped to help you source and choose a diamond or gemstone. We can guide you through all aspects of choosing a stone and advise on factors you should consider, such as durability, cut and quality. You may need advice on which gemstones are suitable for your design or durable enough for an engagement ring. If you are looking for a particular stone we can source a selection to match your required colour, size, cut or budget. You can also choose from a wide range of diamonds and coloured gems in our in-house stone collection, which includes everything from white and cognac diamonds to vividly coloured gems in all shapes, cuts and sizes. Find out more below.


All of our diamonds and gemstones are sourced from trusted suppliers, including some of Europe’s finest gemcutters. We only buy from suppliers who guarantee that their stones are ethically sourced. Our stones are carefully chosen for their quality and beauty. We are constantly adding to our collection, selecting stones for their vivid colour, unusual cut, rarity or sparkle.


The Kimberley Process is a voluntary international system of certification designed to regulate the trade in rough diamonds. It was developed to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds or ‘blood diamonds’ , which are rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance armed conflicts that destabilise legitimate governments. The Kimberley Process works by ensuring that all transactions involving the sale and purchase of diamonds include clear statements guaranteeing that the diamonds are of ethical origin. All of the diamon