Bespoke gold pendant and earrings with volcanic lava and citrine

Bespoke gold pendant and earrings with volcanic lava and citrine
May 27, 2017 McCaul Goldsmiths

Yellow and white gold pendant set with lava and citrine

This pendant and earring set incorporates pieces of natural volcanic lava and is one of our most unusual and challenging commissions to date. The bespoke pendant is made from 18 carat yellow and white gold, set with lava and a large vivid orange fancy-cut citrine. The matching stud earrings are 18 carat white gold and lava.

Our client commissioned the bespoke lava earrings and pendant as a gift for his wife following a holiday together in Vanuatu. He had kept a small rock of lava from the holiday and asked us to design a pair of earrings and pendant set with pieces of the lava.

This particular lava is very soft and porous compared to the gemstones we typically set, this presented some design challenges. Our first step was to break the lava rock up into small pieces suitable for setting. To add strength the lava pieces were then embedded in resin. Even so the lava would easily crumble if placed under any pressure so it was necessary to design settings which would protect it. Our solution was to create wide cup-like settings from 18 carat white gold. The settings provide a solid protective wall around the stone.

Bespoke white gold stud earrings set with volcanic lava

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