Orange sapphire and rose gold Balance ring

Orange sapphire and rose gold Balance ring
October 22, 2016 McCaul Goldsmiths

Orange sapphire and rose gold balance ring

This is the newest ‘Balance’ ring in our collection; made from bright orange sapphire and 18 carat rose gold it will brighten up any day!

The orange sapphire is enveloped in an 18 carat rose gold setting. The warm rose gold enhances the sapphire’s remarkable colour. Sapphires are highly prized for their colour and brilliance. This one sparkles beautifully, with bright flashes of light reflecting from the stone

Sapphire is a stone typically associated with the colour blue, however natural sapphires are also found in orange, yellow, purple and green. Some stones include more than one colour and are called parti or bi colour sapphires.

The Balance ring is one of our signature designs and is named for the sense of balance and flow created by the gently curved band and offset gemstone. To create the Balance ring we hand-forge 18 carat rose gold bar to taper and curve the metal.

We’ve made this design with a wide variety of gemstone colours, shapes and sizes. From delicate white diamond and platinum engagement rings, through to bold and colourful dress rings. All have worked beautifully and give a new look to the design. Below are some of the other Balance rings we’ve made recently.