Green Garnet ‘Twist’ Ring Commission

Green Garnet ‘Twist’ Ring Commission
December 5, 2015 McCaul Goldsmiths

This ‘Twist’ ring was a commission made earlier in the year. Hand forged from 18-carat yellow gold the Twist ring is set with a pear shaped green garnet. The stone is a vibrant green and has such an intense depth it looks almost otherworldly.

We love how beautifully the vivid green stone works with 18 carat yellow gold – the combination makes this ring a stunning piece.

We’ve just completed a matching fitted band, which is also hand forged from yellow gold. The yellow gold fitted ring tapers and curves to match the green garnet ring perfectly and is set with a continuous line of white diamonds.

You can see more Twist rings here, made with various stones, and some also with matching fitted bands.


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