A ‘Wave’ engagement ring inspired by the ocean

A ‘Wave’ engagement ring inspired by the ocean
September 3, 2014 b

Platinum 'Wave' engagement and wedding ring set with pariaba tourmaline and diamonds

This beautiful platinum and paraiba tourmaline engagement ring is on it’s way to Hawaii, rather fittingly since the design is our ‘Wave’ ring. The Wave engagement ring is named for the way the metal sweeps around the gemstone like a breaking wave.

This pariaba engagement ring was commissioned for a surfer who asked us to find a gemstone that would “remind her of the colour of the sea” – we think this brilliant 0.82ct blue-green paraiba tourmaline captures the colour of the Pacific Ocean perfectly.

Blue paraiba tourmaline and platinum 'Wave' ring

You can also see the ‘Wave’ engagement ring on our website in diamond and platinum, however the combination of sparkling blue paraiba tourmaline and platinum gives this engagement ring a completely fresh feel. We’re confident it will feel right at home riding the big waves…

We have also just finished a matching fitted wedding band made from platinum. It is fitted to sit snugly against the engagement ring and is pave set with a row of glittering white diamonds, which highlight the curve of the rin