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  • Hand carved 18ct rose gold cocktail ring with green fancy-cut tourmaline and diamonds

    Rose gold Carve cocktail ring with fancy cut tourmaline and diamonds

    This hand carved rose gold cocktail ring is the latest in our Carve ring series. Sweeping curves of brushed rose gold surround a beautiful fancy-cut tourmaline. The stone’s deep blue-green colour contrasts with the warmth of the metal and two white brilliant cut diamonds set into the bezel provide a little sparkle. The ring is a piece for our collection

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  • Platinum engagement ring with princess cut diamond and square bezel

    Princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring

    This princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring is a variation on our sculpted four claw ring and is a recently finished commission for an architect. The ring is made from platinum and set with a sparkling white diamond. A square rub-over bezel setting holds the princess-cut white diamond securely and blends down into the round ring band. As with our

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  • Asymmetric 18 carat white gold wire figure of eight cocktail ring

    White gold wire figure-of-eight cocktail ring

    A new addition to our collection, this white gold wire figure-of-eight cocktail ring is now on display in-store. The ring is hand formed from 18 carat white gold wire, which loops around and over the finger to create an asymmetric figure-of-eight. We’ve explored various forms in this series of wire rings, including large two-finger rings and wire rings pave-set with

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  • 'Twist' rose gold and paraiba tourmaline engagement ring

    Rose gold and paraiba tourmaline engagement ring commission

    This rose gold and paraiba tourmaline engagement ring combines a beautiful pear-shaped stone with 18 carat rose gold. Hand forged rose gold tapers and wraps around the finger to form an open bezel for the stone. The pear-shaped paraiba displays characteristically vivid electric blue-green colouring, which contrasts beautifully with the soft matt finish of brushed rose gold. The  ‘Twist’ engagement ring is one

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  • Unusual forged platinum Overlap engagement ring set with princess cut ruby

    Forged platinum and ruby Overlap engagement ring

    This hand forged platinum and ruby Overlap engagement ring is only the second we’ve ever made in this new design. This engagement ring design is a progression from our earlier forged rings, which taper and wrap around the finger in a similar way. To make our Overlap rings we hand-forge precious metal bar; hammering it carefully to change its shape. By working

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  • Ladies and mens engraved rose gold wedding bands

    Engraved recycled rose gold wedding band commission

    We’ve just finished this pair of engraved, recycled rose gold wedding bands. Every now and then we take on a commission to reuse metal from a customer’s existing jewellery when it has sentimental significance for them. It’s fascinating to see precious metals being transformed in this way. We documented the process of making the rings so we could share it

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  • Forged 'Overlap' matching mens and ladies wedding rings

    Matching mens and ladies wedding ring commission

    These matching ‘Overlap’ mens and ladies wedding rings were a really nice recent commission. The wedding rings are individually hand forged from 18 carat gold and brushed to a satin finish, which emphasises the colour of the gold. The ladies’ band is smaller and overlaps just once. 18 carat gold bar has been hammered to taper the metal. It blends

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  • Paraiba tourmaline engagement rings are some of the most popular engagement rings with blue stones

    Paraiba tourmaline engagement rings

    If you’re a regular follower of our blog you will have seen Paraiba tourmaline engagement rings from time to time. Paraiba tourmaline has featured in many of our most sought after pieces. It’s intense colour, which can range from electric green to ocean-blue, makes it a beautiful choice for an engagement ring however it remains relatively little-known. Paraiba tourmaline was

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  • His and hers 'Spark' wedding rings

    ‘Spark’ lightning bolt wedding rings

    This pair of lightning bolt shaped wedding bands was inspired by a nickname. The name ‘Sparks’ had also inspired the engagement ring and became the theme for much of the wedding. David worked with the clients to design the bespoke matching wedding rings. The aim was to design a pair of wedding rings which would reference the engagement ring (a

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  • Carved rose gold and green tourmaline cocktail ring

    Cabochon tourmaline and carved rose gold cocktail ring

    This beauty was only on display for a few hours before being snapped up by a customer! Made for our collection recently, it sold the very same day we finished it. The hand-carved green tourmaline and rose gold ring is the latest design in our Carve ring series. Each Carve ring is designed for a gemstone that has caught our

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