• Zaha Hadid's Loa and Vesu vases are traditionally made by Viennese silversmiths

    Workshops – Zaha Hadid’s vases made by traditional silversmiths

    This a lovely video about the making of Zaha Hadid’s “Loa” and “Vesu” vases, which are traditionally handmade by Viennese silversmiths Wiener Silber Manufactur. We really enjoyed it – hope you do too!

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  • Workshops – The last clog maker in England

    We stumbled across a lovely little video about a clog maker in Wales.

    A lot of what Jeremy says resonated with us so we thought we’d post a link to the video. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Wall detail at McCaul Goldsmiths' Atelier London

    The McCaul workshop has a fresh new look

    McCaul Goldsmiths has just reopened with a new look shop and jewellery workshop. We’ve been working on a refit over the past month and its been great to see it come together. We love the new space and are (almost) used to the new layout.

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  • Workshops – The knife maker

    This is a short video about workshop in Brooklyn making handmade knives.

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